List of Call for Papers for Social Work Scholars

“A Special Issue is an issue of your journal dedicated to one chosen topic. It should contain the latest work on that subject. And if you create a Special Issue well, it can be a unique and valuable reference source for every researcher interested in that area.” (copied from Taylor & Francis editor resources)

Special issues usually entail faster publication decisions on timely topics. These are usually recruited through calls for papers. Below are websites where social work researchers can find a collection of calls for papers that might be of interest.

The following open-access journals provide the list of the call for papers if you are a social work researcher working on health/mental health topics. Please note that open-access journals charge the authors the article processing fee (APC). You need to check if you have enough funding sources to pay for the APC before submission. Further, open-access only journals include the current controversy regarding if it is predatory or not. Please check out the following thread of tweets.
  • April 19, 2022