How to register Twitter API for Academic Research (Free)

Update on March 31, 2023

Twitter Academic API is not available for free anymore 🙁 You can collect only 10,000 tweets for a $100 per month subscription. The following method in this post does not work anymore.

From 2021, Twitter has created an academic track on API access for researchers to Twitter data! This is good news for researchers interested in using text mining. In the previous API version, only data from the past 7 days could be collected, and the number of accessible tweets was limited. Researchers can collect 100,000 tweets per month per account for free!

You can register on the Twitter developer website:

To apply, please follow the steps below. You must sign up and authenticate with your .edu email account to be approved.

Of course, you can sign up only if you have a Twitter account, but you can only apply if the account is e-mail-verified with an edu account and your mobile phone number is verified as well. In the US, academic Twitter is a useful tool for networking purposes, so I recommend setting up a new academic Twitter account if you do not have one yet.

After verifying with the edu email account, write the app name.

You can get the API key by clicking the “keys and tokens” tab instead of the settings tab after viewing the app details of the project.

SMU in Singapore suggests referencing the following documents in the endpoint configuration.

  • February 1, 2022